#3-J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling is a famous author, she is the one who wrote the famous Harry Potter books. Her books were so amazing that they were turned into movies. Which hopefully you’ve watched! J.K. Rowling only uses her initials because she didn’t want young kids to not read her books because of her gender. But J.K. Rowling is in fact a woman. An awesome one!

#2-Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan is an amazing author. He is the author of The Percy Jackson series, the Heroes of Olympus series, The Maze of Bones and the Kane chronicles. His writing has so much power, that makes you wanna flip the page. Rick has been awarded about 12 awards. That is a lot!


Writing is like a sport, if you don’t practice you won’t get better -Rick Riordan



#1-Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha is a Canadian Author who went through a very rough time. So he put up a blog and decided that everyday he would write something AWESOME about his life. He didn’t even care if no one read it. But the blog ended up being a huge hit and one day he got a phone call and he was asked to write a book about his vlog. So even though at first things didn’t for Neil weren’t so good. Things ended up being terrific for him. So any of you who are having a rough time. Just know that things will get better. Just like Neil Pasricha always look on the bright side.


You our will never be as young as you are right now -Neil Pasricha


Writing is important! Maybe it hurts your hand but, if you type it on the computer, it is definitely amazing. It’s so nice to let all your ideas flow! So remember to Write! And find your Destiny while  your young. So I have a question? What are you passionate about? Answer in the comments!