The bumpy snowman


Once upon a time there—–Mr.Narrator be quiet I am trying to talk to my snowman son Fred! Anyway Fred what happened you’ve got big lumps and bumps? asked mother snowman.Well it’s a long story answered Fred. We have time son so tell me how did you get these weird bumps and lumps? Well it all started last night when me and Joe were sledding then Joe suggested we go down that GIANT hill so we trudged up it. How big said mother snowman? I think 30 meters tall. said Fred. Wow!now finish your story. Okay where was I? oh yes! when we got to the top of the hill or mountain we went down then me and Joe crashed but I didn’t get hurt. Is that how asked mother? nope! said Fred.Anyway Then I went to come to tell you how brave I was but I slipped on a frozen pond and got all these¬† bumps. Oh man Fred let’s go home and get you some ice-cold cocoa.said mother snowman. And that was the story of the bumpy snowman. Gee whiz Mr.Narrator be quiet already.¬† THE END!

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