The Snowman That Didn’t Like Snow!


Once upon a time there was a snowman named Jeff,he had a sister named Bertha. Jeff did not like snow,on the other hand Bertha loved snow. You must love snow Jeff that is why we are called snowman,said mother snowman. Yes young brother you can’t just not love snow we are made out of snow,said Bertha. WHY!!! screamed Jeff. Jeffery please stop[Jeffery is Jeff’s real name] said mother snowman. I will take him outside in the white fluffy snow said Bertha. And they went outside. Look at all this snow,come play said Bertha. Nah there’s nothing you can do in the snow. But Bertha didn’t listen,she made a snow-fort. When Jeff saw it  he made a tiny smile and watched his sister make an amazing thingy. When Bertha was done  she called her brother over. Okay,said Jeff. And after a couple hours Jeff was playing in the snow. Then mother called,time for lunch! she called.Oh why mother I am having fun in the snow. said Jeff. Come on Jeff your sister’s already inside. said mother. Okay! moaned Jeff and he went inside. Well little Jeffery loves snow now! said mother happily to herself.  And that was the end of little snowman Jeff and his sister Bertha. !THE END!


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